Consulting services

Our consulting services are directed towards the efficient use of resources, which enables our clients to choose the most optimal direction in a competitive marketplace and maintain their competitive advantage.

Our consulting offerings include:

  • Consulting on tax-related issues
  • Calculating tax liability for business operations
  • Guidance on steps for improving existing shortcoming
  • Up-to-date information on changes in the legal environment
  • Compliance with international financial reporting standards
  • Consulting on various strategic and practical aspects of business management.

Accounting services

Accurate accounting is one of the key requirements for a successful modern business, and it requires precise knowledge and deep expertise in local and international law.

We offer you both “personal accountant” services as well as providing service remotely with full or partial outsourcing – this will help you realize significant savings and conduct your accounting practice with trusted partners. All of this ensures increased trust from investors and the public.

Our team of professional accountants and auditors are ready to deliver best-in-class service.

Most importantly, our services are insured by a leading insurance company.

Our accounting services include:

  • Consulting on tax and financial matters
  • Digital documentation based on primary source materials
  • Creation and presentation of monthly and annual tax declarations
  • Creation of monthly and annual reports
  • Execution of banking operations
  • Creation/Recovery of accounting records from the beginning of your business operations
  • Compliance with legal requirements and international standards
  • Timely updates on changes in the legal environment.

Tax audit

We offer you full range of taxation-related services and stand ready to assist you at any step of the process.

Our offerings include:

  • Full tax audit
  • Representation in front of tax authorities and assistance during regulatory tax inspections
  • Initiation of tax disputes, appealing tax requirements in different court instances and participation in the arbitration process
  • Specification of tax liability
  • Continuous monitoring of required tax documentation
  • Assessment and management of tax-related risk.


The goal of financial statements is to provide a wide range of users with information on the financial health of the company.

Audit of financial statement aims to obtain reasonable evidence, that financial reporting does not contain any substantive errors and the company accurately presents its financial standing, financial outcomes and cashflow.

As part of our service offering, we will conduct a full financial audit for your company and help you with the creation of financial statements, which includes:

  • Creating an accounting balance
  • Profit and loss (P&L) statement
  • Cash-flow reporting
  • Capital movement reporting
  • Creating explanatory notes

A comprehensive financial statement allows consumers to make correct and effective economic decisions, and increases the trust in your business.